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Blasphemy on Broadway - 'The Book of Mormon'

An ABC interview with the creators of South Park on their new broadway musical “The Book of Mormon”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 دیدگاه در “♥ DISNEY’S FROZEN Story Book Read Along! (Great Children’s Bedtime Story)

  1. Pre-k Teacher می‌گوید:

    I am a pre-k teacher in NJ and we enjoy reading books as a class. I would
    be interested to see more quality literary works on your web site, such as
    Knufflebunny, Pete the Cat, Put Me in the Zoo, Brown Bear Brown Bear,
    Goodnight Gorilla, Caps for Sale, A Chair for My Mother, Harold and the
    Purple Crayon, Snip Snap, What’s That?, etc. I was glad to see “Are you My
    Mother?” and “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” Disney books and stories,
    while holding an enormous appeal for children because they are based on the
    movies and they utilize children’s fascination with magic and princesses,
    are not usually quality books. The characters are usually flat and the
    story line is not complex. When looking to read books to our children, we
    need to choose books that will stretch their minds and encourage language
    and cognitive development.

  2. Robert Weniger می‌گوید:

    Being a Mormon, I can rightfully say that BoM: The Musical had not, in any
    way, blasphemed the beliefs of Mormons. They took what we believed and
    added an atmosphere of comedy to it. Not one belief was twisted or changed,
    save for Arnold Cunningham’s fiction preach, but it was made quite clear
    that such a teaching was not real, but you wouldn’t know any of that if you
    haven’t seen the musical.

  3. Tessa Bunn می‌گوید:

    I saw this musical and loved it. I am a Christian and what I saw was a
    movie that was satirical but also thought provoking. It was a sweet musical
    (yes and offensive) but it had a great message and a Biblical one as well:
    ۱ Corinthians 1:18: The message of the cross is foolish to those who are
    headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very
    power of God.
    The musical is a warning of what can happen to religion in put in the
    hands of those like the side kick Arnold “Didn’t really read it” but then
    is forced to evangelize anyway with hilariously disastrous results. Later,
    when everything looks dark, the main character Kevin, says something like
    “no you gave them hope and thats a great thing” Faith gives people hope,
    which gives them strength, which allows them to overcome terrible things.
    If you have no hope, what do you have to live for? Faith is of God, but men
    have done terrible things to Christianity, Mormonism, Islam, etc, turning
    them from their original intent to something screwy used to control,
    discipline, and motivate to earthly (not Godly) ends. As a Christian, the
    main emphasis of our faith is grace. And I think this musical brilliantly
    illustrates this.

  4. shytguy می‌گوید:

    They really are sentimental people and those who think they just want to
    rip on everyone for the sake of ripping on people, fail to appreciate their
    true genius. Such great guys they seem like. They really have a tender way
    of putting comments that would normally offend people

  5. Cyril Figgis می‌گوید:

    His religious beliefs would be Deism at best or Pantheism at worst, and I
    only say at worst, because Pantheism (which is not the same thing as a
    Pantheon) is a rather peculiar theistic position which essentially worships
    universal forces… it’s a kin to praying to the theory of gravity.
    Bizarre and not going to get you anything. Which reminds me, Deism also
    espouses a strictly hands off god/gods.

    It’s all horse shit to be quite frank. ;) Atheism ftw. Can’t use religion
    or theism as a justification for an argument anyway, since it can’t be
    tested or proven, nor can it account for unknown unknowns, despite making
    all sorts of absolutist claims.

  6. Aaron Saylor می‌گوید:

    : Point: Not are parallelograms are squares. Some are rectangles. Meaning,
    it depends on what one means by that. In we worship and venerate Christ and
    have a world view. and so do major religions and cults. But in the negative
    side, some cults are formed by false teachers and false prophets. Wolves in
    sheep clothing. Christianity is not one of them! Mormonism is one of them.
    and I have no issue with is musical. 

  7. fishncapt26 می‌گوید:

    Cant be blasphemy if.false.religion.lol. and aint blasphemy it doesnt
    exaggerate embwlish lie it.simply states exactly what mormons belive and
    its so absurd when u hear it out loud its mindblowing to anyone not
    brainwashed into mormon cult as youth

  8. AvalonMorley می‌گوید:

    Oh, ABC, sloppy! It was a Danish paper that had the ‘problematic’ comic,
    not a Dutch one. And you should at least have recognized that that was a
    Danish flag being desecrated in this video. Come on, guys. (I’m sure I
    can’t be the first to notice this, so please forgive me if this is
    correction number 7 gazillion.)

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