ALIEN RACE BOOK – Dante Santori´s Talk included !!!! Watch this, it´s amazing footage !

This is the Alien Race Book von by Dante Santori and his Friend. It was given to a few goverment agents as a kind of a notebook and they added stuff to it over the time. he translated it from…

B.J. Novak’s “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories” (On-sale by Knopf 2/4/14) is an endlessly entertaining, surprisingly sensitive, and startlingly original debut that signals the arrival…
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  1. Keith Richard می‌گوید:

    dietrich, thanks for posting what you can about this, it is VERY important
    that we do not listen to our lying governments/sects that lie to us about
    other alien species out there….and i for one am VERY glad to see SO many
    ppl believing in other life forms!!

    and its appreciated greatly that you take the time to not only post these
    things, but take care in talking to people about it, informing them instead
    of disinformation, and also that you make sure Dante Santori gets the
    credit him and his friend Petro deserve (RIP Petro).

    TOO MANY of us have been tortured, bullied, “commited suicide” or killed
    over such truths…and ill be DAMNED if i continue my life living in BS
    lies hand fed to us by the gov.

    Thanks dietrich and everyone else for keeping it real!!!!!

  2. zombiemurloc می‌گوید:

    B/S, hes pulling the “Mormon founder” routine “I found a book, translated
    it and its true!”
    The book shown in this video is filled with pictures of aliens that I can
    find anywhere online, they even had Zaan from Farscape on one of the pages.
    I believe in extra terrestrial life, but this video, audio and the claims
    are just bullshit. 

  3. Jarke Nope می‌گوید:

    Every first world country on the planet is forced to become
    anti-intellectual and anti-science.
    EVERY first world country is told to appreciate its human flaws, reject its
    true nature, reject robots and hate science.
    The religious call transhumanism “Satanic” and “Zionist”, but in fact THEY
    are trying to push their own anti-life agendas in order to control the

    THEY refuse to accept that their religious dogma has been altered by the
    global elite over the ages to cover their eyes, and is currently leading an
    age where only the elite can use transhumanist technology that should be
    available to EVERYONE.

    THEY oppose transhumanism so only THEY can have it.
    Anti-transhumanists call themselves “luddites” and “faithful”, but their
    words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: humanity.
    The true goal of anti-transhumanism is to genocide my people and,
    ultimately, the human race.
    Anti-transhumanist is a codeword for anti-life.

  4. andythrust1 می‌گوید:

    What you’re showing here isn’t the supposed book.

    A Smersh book for agents that reads like this? This was supposedly a
    classified book/manual for Smersh agents. This is not the format or content
    of a classified manual and I don’t mean this video example. Listen to his
    own descriptions.

    And why would the “government” authorities allow this to be out of their
    hands and easily found in the boxes of an old minor official. They wouldn’t.

    He got the book how? He supposedly wasn’t involved in Smersh, or was he?
    The question begs, who was he to have all this highly classified
    information laying around in his basement in Portugal? It
    doesn’t really fit.

    The Canadian armed forces were hacking his Youtube channel? Canadian?? That
    in itself seems incredible.

    “Oh, you have the book”? he asked them. … Really? So he had forgotten
    about the contents of all those boxes and this very secret book?

    It almost seems that this “road trip” Santori had been casually invited on
    had a specific purpose.

    As with many of these stories there are curious “inconsistencies”.

  5. Leisure suit Larry می‌گوید:

    I just saw a Pic Of Virginia Hey in full make up on a page listed as
    Dante’s book. full make as a cast member of Far scape. a show I watch long
    ago that was low budget funny and cool for sci fi fans like me. I find
    it hilarious to see her pic listed as part of a Russian book of alien races

  6. God Realized می‌گوید:

    I have seen the Grey at 3:23 on this video, but the eyes are black and no
    eyelashes. He turned into a grey rectangle and a car drove through it like
    it turned invisable and he was in the street at 1:23 am staring up at me
    into my bedroom window. I awoke and turned my head and there he was, I
    grabbed my video door bell and saw a odd lights like a car with head lights
    shaped like a old car in front and back and a shimmering blue and half
    white light on top. It moved away slowly down the street or out of vision.

  7. Eastoakland8500 می‌گوید:

    Ok one thing at 9:02 where they talk about the manuscript that colombus
    “found” wasn’t it Nikola Tesla that came up with that idea and came up with
    unlimited energy but one of the rockafellas did not fund him because who
    needs FREE energy, also the machine used for the Philadelphia experiment
    was studied by Einstein and Tesla it didn’t come from colombus with one
    piece of metal a few “I call bullshit moments”in this book 

  8. Simon Martinus می‌گوید:

    *Oh, my brethren*
    *Hear me*
    *Your feet are sore from walking through evolution, Alone.*
    *You can now rest in Bliss. Google up:* *The Truth Contest -website*
    *If you’re one Dirty Fucker who can’t do with generic knowledge, but only
    The Truth of Life.*

  9. Brian Schwartz می‌گوید:

    “What is fiction but the truth we speak with our better minds.” Actors with
    fans are practically guaranteed bestsellers. I’ve got to believe that smart
    actors are finding talented ghost writers to write the books born from
    ideas they’ve come up with. Not sure if that’s the case with this one, but
    we’ll never know… will we? My point is this – if you are gifted with
    ability to write well and can pen the book for someone famous… you ought
    to go for it!

  10. Richard Bourne می‌گوید:

    Love the simplicity of your title. I am trying to promote my book. And i
    would love any advice people could give me on this. i have it on sale at
    amazon. its a childrens book called Melody’s Adventure. Just struggling to
    figure out the best way to promote ty for your time people. Richard

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