ASMR Sounds: Book Scratching and Tapping

Hi! I just got a twitter account, please follow so we can keep in touch: My nails have finally grown long enough to do a proper ASMR book scratching and tapping…

Christmas Unboxing + Book Haul!

‘Tis the season of giant book hauls, fa la la la la, la la la LAAAAA. Welcome to my Christmas unboxing + book haul! Featuring some lovely gifts from my lovely friends and a crap load of bargain…
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50 دیدگاه در “ASMR Sounds: Book Scratching and Tapping

  1. THEdarknesMix می‌گوید:

    Wow, I had not seen this video here is really good, it is very relaxing and
    sounds are the best, he kept giving me tingling in my brain, I really uqe
    very relaxing, thanks to its gorgeous nails that did possible, my brain is
    bursting with happiness right now, definitely a unique video on youtube!!

  2. Mr CJ می‌گوید:

    I have been watching ASMR for 2 years now and have felt nothing of what
    people call “tingles”. But this video made me feel something go down my
    neck to my spine and it felt great :3 it was somewhat faint but out of the
    hundreds of ASMR vids I have seen yours did it ! THANK YOU ! :D 

  3. JessEntertainMe می‌گوید:

    The Chronicle of Nick series is good. I was iffy with the first 2 but it
    got really great! The fourth book, which is the orange one btw, is
    FANTASTIC! I will say that the 5th one is Illusions which you dont have,
    the 6th comes out in March, and no they are not done lol. The CON series is
    going to be a 12-14 book series that eventually will run into her Dark
    Hunter series and merge together. I really hope you enjoy them

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