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25 دیدگاه در “BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS! (#2)

  1. Cheyanne Oliver می‌گوید:

    ok so i just want to ask i am looking for a book and i cant remember the
    name of it. Its almost like a picture book i would say, all the pages have
    some sort of weird drawing on it. Its about a girl who is walking with her
    younger brother and he gets taken by crows and she has to go into the woods
    to find him. there is a whole magical community within the woods and she
    hitches a ride with this mailman type person (who is actually a talking
    animal of course) she goes into the woods with her friend and they had
    gotten split up. he was with this queen (?) of the south of the woods or
    something like that. idk it was very weird and i loved it when i read it
    the first few times and i want to read it again but i forgot the name.
    anyone have any clue the book i am talking about?

  2. gabthang8 می‌گوید:

    Oh my gosh! Finally someone has read White Hot Kiss!!! I love that book. I
    didn’t think I would like it as much as I did. Roth is just so swoonworthy.
    I can’t even. An yes I got this as an eBook because if my mom saw me with a
    cover like that, she would probably flip out.

  3. mmcosmetics12 می‌گوید:

    If you were wearing headphones or earbuds while watching this video I fell
    your pain. Also an AMAZING book series that you should read if you haven’t
    already is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield and it’s a dystopian
    society and science fiction I would say. Basically when you turn sixteen
    you get turned into what is considered pretty through a surgery. The book
    follows Tall Youngblood and before she can become pretty she meets a new
    friend, Shay, who is against being turned pretty. Shay escapes and the
    Specials make Tally find her and bring her back before she becomes pretty.
    It follows her adventure trying to find Shay, a little romance, a lot of
    action, and hovercrafts.

  4. Faith Beaman می‌گوید:

    Oh my gosh Daemon Black and Roth all the way there are no other book
    boyfriends that can compete with them!! And I love both Lux and White Hot
    Kiss ah they are so good and Jennifer L Armentrout is a genious!! And I
    really want to read throne of glass but I can’t find it anywhere!

  5. Michelle Mouse می‌گوید:

    You just engrossed my wish list list… Hope you are proud! XD
    And also you just gain a new follower, I LOVE this video, you’re the first
    booktober that just let go her passion about hot guys, and that make me go
    crazy about this too XD I just love hot guy and I don’t know why the
    booktobe just forgets about them when they do their reviews, it’s kind of
    sad to me, cause one of the most powerful reasons I love a book, it’s the
    guy… Well, no every time but you just can’t complain when you get some
    time with Dimitri, Jace or Four; you can’t just ignore them, they are eye
    candy XD

  6. Jenn B می‌گوید:

    U should really read Captivate and Impulse by Vanessa Garden!! Its about a
    girl that gets taken under water… And her life gets changed completely :o
    Its many set in another “kingdom”, and it has romance and drama and some
    action. Just look it up at least :) I know I loved it

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