Book Recommendations!

YAY! Finally you guys can know what books I recommend you to read, hope you like this video and thanks for watching! Heres a list of all the books I mentioned in this video (click the link):…

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  1. jade payne می‌گوید:

    (۲-۴th grade) first i read Percy Jackson series
    (۵th grade) then i read the Hunger games series
    (۶th grade) now i am reading the Divergent series
    (around 6th-7th grade) planning on reading the legend series
    in 2 grade i was assigned percy jackson and the lighting thief then i
    finished the whole series 

  2. Elizabeth Healy می‌گوید:

    Have you read the Infernal Devices? They are a prequel series to Mortal
    Instruments and they are just as good and actually have more feels you fall
    in love with the characters. I also reccomend the book I am Number Four
    look it up on iTunes or something and just read the back I haven’t actually
    read it yet because I can’t get my hands on it but I’m really intrigued.

  3. Abbigail Brugma می‌گوید:

    Have you read Fire and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore? Because of not you
    should they are both just as amazing as Graceling, Bitterblue is my
    favourite and it comes after Graceling and I think if you read Fire before
    reading Graceling, Graceling would make more sense

  4. Mayeur000Donz می‌گوید:

    I was hoping for something like Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate
    Events, if anyone could give me a recommendation.
    I mean, a Series of Unfortunate Events was an engaging series, but
    ultimately I found it unfulfilling, seeing as how many mysteries they left
    in the air. I know ambiguity was what they were going for, but I had been
    hoping for better closure, so I just felt really frustrated at the end. :~/
    ‘That in mind, could anyone suggest a teen book series with similar mystery
    elements that actually DELIVERS on those mysteries?

  5. Stephanie Salamat می‌گوید:

    Hello! I’m currently being interested in reading books. And I was wondering
    if you could recommend me more books :) I personally liked The Divergent
    trilogy, Hunger Games trilogy, Harry Potter Series andThe Selection series.
    (well,I like genres: Mystery, Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fic.) Please do
    recommend me some books except for Legend trilogy cause I already noted it

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