“Book Report” from “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”

This is the number “Book Report” from the animated version. Please do not ask for “Beethoven Day” or “My New Philosophy.” Those songs were only in the 1999 version. This 1985 special is based…

I’ve done the BOOK BOYFRIEND TAG! I hope you enjoy it! Twitter Me: http://twitter.com/xtinemay COMEDY Channel: http://youtube.com/polandbananas20 I was tagged by …

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  1. cynthia cisneros می‌گوید:

    you gotta love how it shows really characteristic behaviors on how people
    actually turn reports in even during college?
    you got the person who just writes to fill the word count and nothing more,
    the person who changes the topic entirely into something they’re way more
    familiar and vaguely tie it to the assignment to try and not lose
    credibility, the sophisticated and accurate report, and the procrastinator.
    this song is so cool.

  2. Appiration می‌گوید:

    My book report is on Peter Rabbit.

    Actually, what I mean to say is, that my book report would have been on
    Peter Rabbit if I… uh… well, my intentions were… it seems that I just
    never… uh… quite got around to it. Well, you know how it goes
    sometimes, and… I just… I just never…


  3. 23faithstar می‌گوید:

    lolz im the linus then, always have been.
    lolz I used to scare my elementary school teachers with how much research I
    would go and do with a book so that one of them pulled me aside and said
    “Caitlin you’re 10. save all of that for high school. B- cuz it’s just too
    much for fifth grade”
    and I felt some type of way about that for the longest time…….

  4. Tashapolis می‌گوید:

    I’m so happy I don’t have to share Dimitri or Jamie with you (just the rest
    of the world)! You and Kat have an awkward situation. I mean you’re living
    together, and you’re both in love Will Herondale. LOVE TRIANGLE. Now who’s
    gonna be the one with the deadly disease? 

  5. Stakes and Steles می‌گوید:

    That dress is so pretty! It’s always so weird when someone talks about
    Adrian Ivashkov now because I always picture Nic Wheeler from the
    Bloodlines trailers and he’s part of the Aussie VAFamily community. So
    everything people say about Adrian I now connect to Nic.

  6. Shar Kishimoto the Awkward Turtle می‌گوید:

    This is hard…
    ۱٫ Sohan Kishan Rajaram
    ۱٫ Kenji Kishimoto
    ۲٫ Jamie Roth
    ۲٫ Jem Carstairs
    ۳٫ Simon Lewis. But I also ship Sizzy… But I love Simon… But I ship
    ۴٫ Frank Zhang
    ۵٫ Day
    ۶٫ Hector Delos
    ۷٫ Cyrad Williams
    ۸٫ Josh Newman
    ۱۰٫ Prince Kai

  7. TheMinecraftSimmer می‌گوید:

    Mine would be:
    ۱) Will Herondale (TID)
    ۱) Percy Jackson (PJO&HOO)
    ۲) Rowan (ToG)
    ۲) Adrian Ivashkov (AV)
    ۳) Cole Stewart (TDM)
    ۴) Liam Stewart (TDM)
    ۵) Leo Valdez (HOO)
    ۶) Stefan Salvator (TVD)
    ۷) Peter Kavinsky (TATBILB)
    ۸) Peeta Melark (THG)
    ۹) Patch Caprico(HH)
    ۱۰) Eragon (Eragon)
    Hope you like mine!!

  8. Ana Sofia Macias Yi می‌گوید:

    I’m the only one who loves Four(Tobias)??
    ۱-Tobias Eaton(Divergent)
    ۲-Augustus Waters(TFIOS)
    ۳-Peeta Mellark(THG)
    ۴-Travis Maddox(Beautiful Disaster)
    ۵-Uriah Pedrad(Divergent)
    ۶-Jace Herondale (TMI)
    ۷-Will Herondale(TID)… I don´t care if they are relatives.
    ۸-Percy Jackson(PJO & HOO)
    ۹-Daniel Grigori(Fallen)
    ۱۰- Fred Weasley(HP)

  9. DucksMakeRainbows می‌گوید:

    ۱٫ Will & Jem. (I’m sorry I just can’t have one without the other) (The
    Infernal Devices)
    ۲٫ Richard Gansey III (The Raven Boys quartet)
    ۳٫ Dorian Havilliard (Throne of Glass series)
    ۴٫ Noah Shaw (The Mara Dyer series)
    ۵٫ Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

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