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  1. Babi Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ می‌گوید:

    I have fallen in love with you, girl!! Nice review! Yep, I’ve read the book
    (the first two actually. The 1st one because a friend of mine insisted, not
    to mention I was super curious to know what on Earth everyone was talking
    about, and the 2nd one because my crush gave it to me on my birthday after
    knowing I had read the first one… He spent his money on it! xD I was so
    in love, I thought it was the least I could do for the guy! I just hope it
    wasn’t a hint, that he doesn’t want any kind of similar relationship to
    what these two characters share during 3 long, weird,
    ‘seriously-what-was-E. L. James-thinking’ books…) and I share your
    opinion. My main issue about the books is Anastasia Steele. (I don’t like
    the name… Sorry not sorry) Yeah, Christian is kind of creepy sometimes
    and freaked me out when I was reading (like the fact that he controls what
    and when she eats and also her menstruation cycles…), but Ana is just
    so… Well, hatable – if that’s even a word. I already know that when she
    opens that mouth nothing good will come out of there! Doesn’t think before
    speaking or acting and how that might affect other people around her, and
    then when she does think before doing whatever it is, she makes like a
    whole movie in her head and takes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall kinds of hasty
    – most of the times even nonsense – conclusions about this or that or
    everything. Oh, and by the way… I HATE IT SO MUCH WHEN SHE BITES HER
    FREAKING LIP!!!!! She’s just so stubborn, weak and soooo stupidly
    absolutely “”naive”” which ends up being a little paradoxical sometimes.
    Christian is not a “saint” in all of this, he definitely needs help, like
    from a psychologist, a shrink or some kind of doctor and medical care,
    because only her company, her supposed love and having sex with her is not
    gonna heal, fix or help him. Then the BDSM thing… I don’t know, maybe I’m
    wrong, but it seems to me that he basically ends up doing everything she
    wants, of course, after getting angry, as if the world would end if he
    doesn’t let his anger of on her somehow, either beating her or kind of
    revenging himself on her by – let me try to put it into words… – turning
    her on and then not allowing her to have her stupid orgasm, but then
    sometimes it also feels like he “””””sacrifices””””” (for lack of a better
    word) his dominant, well, “needs” for her. Fine that he loves her, but I
    think this whole thing gets really confusing at a certain point, I think it
    could have been developed in a different – better – way without him simply
    stopping being as dominant as he was used to be because he met her… I
    don’t know anyone who has experienced anything BDSM, I don’t know any
    dominant nor any submissive and it’s just something I never had curiosity
    for to even get informed or anything, but I don’t think it would change
    that fast, at least not in the way the author describes. But, back to Ana,
    for God’s sake!! SHE is just so annoying! She keeps constantly provoking
    him and doing things she KNOWS will get him angry and pissed off but does
    them anyway and then gets all “Oh, I probably shouldn’t have said that
    because it brought bad memories to my Fifty”… -.- Anyway… I could
    stay here all day writing about it. Maybe I should make a review video too
    now that I think of it… Overall, I guess the only captivating factor,
    let’s call it that, and what somewhat kept me reading it, even if, like I
    already said, Christian can be pretty creepy sometimes, was all the mystery
    concerning Mr. Fifty, all the dark past that he kept hiding from her and
    from everyone, I was kind of curious to know what on Earth he had gone
    through that made him that – again – creepy, hot, messed up guy.

    I’ll keep watching your videos!! ;) You sound and look really cool :) (LOL!
    Loved the fan fiction background stuff xD)

    Take care!! Best regards ;) You got a fan from Portugal now :P ;)

    P.S.: Only now I realized that was one long comment… Sorry!!

  2. Tara Dobbs می‌گوید:

    You are fun to listen to and watch. A hint of comedy and dripping with
    sarcasm that puts a grin on my face. I didn’t dare read the books cause I
    was partly in a bad marriage like that and I got out. I know better than to
    bring ‘negativity’ back into my life now. Also, nothing wrong with fanfic,
    but to deliberately rip it from an already existing novel saga, that’s bad
    writing to begin with. And no writer would dare do what she did. I’m going
    to continue watching your reviews. You’re fun. BTW, my first novel, just
    part 1 for now, has been published by Rebel Ink Press. All the links are on
    my channel about link. What kind of genres do you regularly read? Also, are
    you on GoodReads.com? I’d love to see your list and add you to my Goodreads
    connections. Take care.

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