Books & their cover changes. WHICH WORK WHICH ARE JUST THERE, WHICH ARE OUR FAVORITE? IT’S SO TRAGIC WHEN LE GOOD BOOK has a not so good cover. Share your book cover …


  1. Riley Ann Barnitz می‌گوید:

    I saw the new cover for the first Throne of Glass book last summer. You
    know the new one that looks like the sequel book covers. I literally wanted
    to read it. I almost didn’t even read the summery. But I like to be safe so
    I did.

  2. caroline gaito می‌گوید:

    I don’t like it when books with like real photographs of people because It
    limits my imagination like I like to have a picture in my head of what the
    character will look like but when it has a photo of them it’s like oh
    that’s what the main character looks like. I am the only one who thinks

  3. Cecilie Elvira می‌گوید:

    I really, really, really don’t like The mazerunner covers. When i picked it
    up I was unsure of whether i should buy the one with the movie cover or the
    original even though I, for some odd reason, really don’t like buying
    moviecover books. Covers just mean so much!! Especially if I am trying to
    recommend some book to a friend, and they are just like “What is this
    strange floating heads book, this looks so incredibly cheesy” even though
    it might be the greatest book that they are ever going to read.

  4. Theo Potterhead می‌گوید:

    OMG!! Did you heard that Throne of Glass will have a coverchange (kind of)
    for the fisrt book? They will release the epic badass cover in hardback
    when Heil of Fire comes out :D
    And I’m so sad there is no cool eye cover for Shatter Me in hardback :( Now
    I’ll buy the whole series in paperback just to make them match…
    And I totally agree with you in..all of you cover judgement. Really. I hate
    it when books have ungly covers :( 

  5. Rachel Hesketh می‌گوید:

    So glad I’m from England and bought the UK covers of the Gone series! Even
    though it’s just black with each title on that it’s own colour, it’s still
    cool and mysterious in it’s own way! When I see the American ones, I’m like
    now who is on which book? Is that Astrid or Diane? Is that Caine or Sam, is
    that Lana?! I DON’T KNOW!

  6. Marcelo Geraldes می‌گوید:

    Just bought a new book I did not know what it was about. Saw the cover and
    I see a glowing turqoise L and it was about a witch taking over a realm or
    something and the wizard wants to take it back. I was like what was with
    the cover it does not even relate to the damm book godsh

  7. Katherine Rose می‌گوید:

    “Epic pictures of rocks.” Lmao!!! I liked SOME of the Vampire Academy book
    covers. I liked Shadow Kiss the best only because I thought the cover
    models were pretty lol. but if I hadn’t read Richelle Mead before and I
    just saw the cover randomly one day, I probably would have thought it was
    some cheesy romance novel. I like the colors of the Bloodlines series, I
    like how they all match the titles (like how The Indigo Spell is purple and
    The Fiery Heart is an orangy flame type color and The Ruby Circle is this
    gorgeous reddish color), but the faces… eh, not too impressed there.

  8. themadreader می‌گوید:

    FRENCH KISS/LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR COVERS: did you hear they’re redoing
    the hardcovers with the new covers so you can have matching hardcovers
    now?! As soon as I heard that I ordered my own hardcover editions on Amazon
    because it is UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE. They had better do that for every book

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