Collective book haul – AMERICAN STYLE! All of the books I bought on my vacation in America & Canada :) Subblime: Adventure Time List –…
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2CELLOS - The Book of Love [LIVE VIDEO] Order the new album, IN2ITION, at Amazon (http://myplay…
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  1. ObscureReader می‌گوید:

    The Aussie booktubers always make me cringe when they talk of how expensive
    books are over there. Then when they talk and get excited over 7$ books
    that are hardcover I have a dumb moment and am like…”That’s pretty
    normal.” However, every other country seems to have way cooler covers than
    we get in the states. (my opinion)

  2. Mayeur000Donz می‌گوید:

    I was hoping for something like Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate
    Events, if anyone could give me a recommendation.
    I mean, a Series of Unfortunate Events was an engaging series, but
    ultimately I found it unfulfilling, seeing as how many mysteries they left
    in the air. I know ambiguity was what they were going for, but I had been
    hoping for better closure, so I just felt really frustrated at the end. :~/
    ‘That in mind, could anyone suggest a teen book series with similar mystery
    elements that actually DELIVERS on those mysteries?

  3. DerelictVampire می‌گوید:

    Some great stuff, especially the ones with the cool covers.
    You’re a lot of fun to watch (please say “kissed it and stroked it” again
    JK ;P ).
    For some reason, Water for Elephants is easier to say with an American
    accent, lol.

  4. Esther Wong می‌گوید:

    Game of Thrones series is my favorite! They are amazing, but it depends
    whether or not you like long and massive stories.
    Also Eon and Eona, I thoroughly enjoyed them (got my books signed by the
    author..YAY) It’s kinda based on Chinese mythology and the zodiac (or at
    least from what I can remember), so maybe it might be a bit confusing for
    non-Chinese….. But give it ago. I liked them. :)
    Btw this is the first video of yours that I stumbled upon. Really enjoyed
    it! Immediately pressed the subscribe button (and you being Aussie was a
    plus as well. I’m in Australia too)
    Thank you for the great vid! Looking forward to more of your exciting
    stuff!) :DDDD

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