DIY Paper Bag Book Cover {Eco Friendly +Easy}

DIY Paper Bag Book Cover {Eco Friendly +Easy} Please Subscribe + Like + Fav + Share :) Connect with me! For business inquiries only, please email my…
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I make myself a sketch book. The Paper is from Kinkos “parchment”. This is a simplified method that works for me. The purists will have a problem with this but I am okay with that. Enjoy and…

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  1. Carolina Swanson می‌گوید:

    I always wanted to do this when I was younger, but was too lazy :P haha!
    Great video nonetheless!!

    Ladies you should stop by my channel since I just posted the first video to
    my ThrowBackThursdayMakeup series…check out what thats about! :)

  2. Nina Salvatore می‌گوید:

    Dulce i understand that sometimes you feel like you don’t know what to do
    or you’re having on of your off days, I think the next great step for you
    to do would be to design and make clothing, have your own line. I love you
    and i would definetly buy your clothing. I love your fashion sense.

  3. j desgrange می‌گوید:

    gathering materials to make with my kid very soon, anyone know what type of
    board is being used here? i had some old laminate type pieces that could be
    peeled but rips when trying to “carve” letters. And Mr Diresta you have
    inspired me more than I can describe, please keep the vids coming and lets
    every one demand that DIY channel bring back hammered!

  4. madwilliamflint می‌گوید:

    I took a couple classes at the NY Center for Book Arts, up on Broadway and
    ۲۸thish. Fun stuff. Sure doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with
    this to me.

    I was surprised to see the one-page signatures. But when I think about it,
    I imagine that would do a much better job at sitting flat.

    Nicely done.

  5. Buddy Bellwether می‌گوید:

    Materials needed:
    ۱٫ Binding board(get acid free) on the web $15 – $20 Sizes .067″–.098″
    makes 2 books
    ۲٫ PVA glue (Elmer’s or regular binding glue). It’s called Copydex in the
    ۳٫ Fabric, or leather
    ۵٫ Exacto knife, Tape measure and Square
    ۶٫ Clamps and boards
    ۷٫ Book cloth (may also be found as binding cloth)
    ۸٫ Not sure what those little stitched ends are called
    ۹٫ Really sharp scissors (Upholstery scissors for leather)
    ۱۰٫ Stencil
    ۱۱٫ Folding tool (should be bone, or really smooth plastic) for creasing
    and as squeegy
    ۱۲٫ Paper (usually glossy for front and back cover sheets, but not

  6. paul jacob می‌گوید:

    Thank you +Jimmy DiResta for making this video. I combined your technique
    and one I found on instructables to make my own leather bound cover for my
    bible :) I wish I could share the photo with you. But anyways this post is
    a drop in your sea of comments. But thank you so much :)

  7. Gross Projects می‌گوید:

    Hi Jimmy, I made one of these this weekend and it was wonderful. I’m
    wondering if you can share some detail on what the “purists” would think
    should be done different. Your approach seems so logical and practical.
    Are there important key steps missing? Thanks for doing what you do. I
    love it!

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