Insecurities and Writing a Book!

We tell you all about our insecurities and about the possibility of writing a book! ♡Click THUMBS UP if you LOVE IT! Can we hit 10000 LIKES?♡ Watch my last video! ➜….
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18 دیدگاه در “Insecurities and Writing a Book!

  1. karinleigh می‌گوید:

    Chicago might have pizza, but in Seattle we’ve got a ferris wheel, gum
    wall, fish tossing, a bronze pig, the space needle, and the very first
    starbucks! (plus, if you’re here right after it rains, everything just
    smells amazing. I love rain :))

  2. Robin De Angelis می‌گوید:

    Potentially unpopular opinion, but just because you’re a successful
    YouTuber doesn’t mean you should write a book. I’ve found the recent book
    deals for all these YouTubers a little irritating as someone who knows
    people struggling to have their writing published – people who’ve spent
    their whole lives working their butts off to be acknowledged in an industry
    that is not easy to get into. It seems like these days anyone with a vague
    amount of celebrity can get a book deal, not because they are good writers,
    but because they have a marketable fanbase and good connections. Now that’s
    not to say that all YouTubers and celebrities who write books aren’t good
    writers, or haven’t worked hard to get published – but if you understand
    that writing is not something you like to do, I don’t think you should
    write a book just because it’s the new hot thing to do.

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