January Book Haul | Unboxing

Hey guys! It’s Elisabeth. Mentioned: Emily Jean: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5L4HORFl_Gj2NDG_24q4GA Satan Loves You Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b4Rf_Y6cA8 Favorite …
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  1. Kassidy Voinche می‌گوید:

    Great haul! I love unboxing videos XD I wish I could have grabbed Vicious,
    it went out of stock so quickly! Aww, thanks for the shout out! I still
    haven’t read On Dublin Street, but keep hearing good things :) Ooo I didn’t
    know about the Kelley Armstrong Bitten books, I need to look into those.
    Legend <۳ <۳

  2. sonahaazrah می‌گوید:

    I really should try doing that calendar sticker reward system for my
    writing. Maybe even bribe myself with books or something when I get a
    certain amount of stickers. Because man I really need to get back into
    working on my story.

    If I mention that Mistborn has a thieving crew in it will that make you
    read it faster ;o?
    (also here is my obligatory READ THE WAY OF KINGS part of my comment. The
    assassin and thief/eventual con artist/overall perfection that is Shallan
    Davar are calling your name~)

    It’s been a while since I’ve read the Name of the Wind (I really need to
    re-read it holy crap) but I remember it being a slow start (the first
    ۱۰۰-۱۳۰ pages were difficult to get through). After that it was just /so/
    entertaining. Kvothe is both naive and a bit cocky and overall eager to
    prove himself that results in a lot of amusing situations.

    Also since you like books about thieves, have you tried reading the Lies of
    Locke Lamora/the Gentleman Bastards series? I wish I could say more of what
    it’s about, but I haven’t read it. All I know is that it’s about thieves
    and heists and everyone who’s read it absolutely loves it. 

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