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The Book of Life

This animated comedy from producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez follows the journey of Manolo, a young man who embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastical worlds…


  1. SarahCatrionaJohnson می‌گوید:

    you should look into coloured glasses! I am dyslexic and someone
    recommended them to me and they help you find a colour that helps you read
    and stops the glare/word jumping/spaces looking weird and helps SO much
    (i’m still don’t really like reading, but it helps when I have homework or
    assignments to do that involve reading! makes it sink in faster too so you
    don’t have to re-read everything 10000000 times x

  2. Wafaa Hemade می‌گوید:

    I’m also such a slow reader, not because I can’t read, I just can’t
    concentrate for that long, it’s so annoying cause I love to read. Does
    anyone know why I can’t concentrate or maybe what to do, to be able to sit
    down and read for longer than half an hour? x

  3. TheJoyOfReading می‌گوید:

    I have a booktube channel! It’s mainly based around books and all that fun
    stuff, (seriously, it is really fun)… so if you enjoy that kind of stuff,
    come and say hey!! This weeks video was a review on Mockingjay Part 1! That
    film was….. OH MY :O if you have no interest in this, I apologise :) but
    it is difficult getting people to learn about your channel :) if this
    annoyed you… I’m sorry, I surrender! *raises arms in fear*

    I just had an after thought… maybe I could do a review on Zoe’s book!!!

  4. catherine kemp می‌گوید:

    Firstly I just wanted to say, I feel the same way about baked beans. I like
    them properly stewed. And second, I went to secondary school right near
    Sloan Square. I don’t think it probably matters to anyone else in the
    world, but I just had to say it. Anyway, carry on (I paused the video to
    write this comment)…

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