1. Amy Helm می‌گوید:

    I listened to about an hour and eight minutes. I am wondering where the
    shocking truth behind the book of Enoch is. I think there is some very good
    information in this documentary but I think it’s titled wrong. I am not
    even sure the narrator even mentions Enoch. 

  2. peacefulheart می‌گوید:

    As a Christian, I must say.. It has been my experience and have found that
    so-called Christians are the most judgmental people I have found on the
    face of the earth. I have seen my fellow Christians voting or agreeing with
    war. The US is a highly Christian Nation and it approves of going around
    the world invading countries and killing people, in the name of
    “Righteousness.” Contrary to what the video says at 52:13.. It is usually
    Christians who don’t like people, and in fact, may even wrong and hate
    other’s who don’t adopt their views. Some Christians are good loving
    people toward other’s and don’t try to impose themselves unto others.. but
    sadly so many do. There are good people on earth that have God’s favor, not
    matter the Religion, but there are also a lot of people claiming to know
    God who God does not favor.. and it applies to all religions.

  3. Kathy Bradbury می‌گوید:

    Although I “liked” this video, (the content is worthwhile) it does have a
    misleading title, which should be changed as it never directly references
    the book of Enoch. Also, the audio quality is awful.
    To those of you who comment about ” how can we not be received?” Understand
    that the One true God and Creator has provided His word, the Bible, the
    Holy Spirit ( who indwells the believer and leads us into ALL truth) and He
    admonishes us to have a continuous relationship with Him through His Son
    Jesus the Christ. If you are in relationship with God, and have received
    the Holy Spirit, He will keep you.

  4. S Rob occultist author می‌گوید:

    What the start of this documentary told me is that organised religion does
    a lot of harm in any form, because once you think you are good then
    everyone else becomes bad, it becomes like a football match instead of
    people cooperating. The religion through the ascended masters being led by
    Satan says they are all founded by evil: which is a little self serving for
    the remaining religion Christianity. People need to be more charitable in
    their opinion of others and maybe realize that everyone who is different
    isn’t evil: if we don’t we will have wars as long as humanity walks the

  5. Josue Rizo می‌گوید:

    New age is just refining the old pantheistic type religions. Or more of an
    assimilation, how can new agers worship a satan or go against god if most
    do not believe in conceptual archetypes. It’s more of spiritual growth.
    These type of beliefs and,religions are fundamental and precede
    christianity for thousands of years. Why do christianity seem to condemn
    everything and influence fear mongering. Buddha also made a lot of
    revelations and was originally a true messenger. Religious paranoia distort

  6. craxd1 می‌گوید:

    Biggest bunch of bunk I’ve ever listened to, especially the same old BS
    about Freemasonry. As soon as the name Lucifer surfaced, and was being
    called a Satan, I knew then that they had no idea what is factual history.
    I like to point everyone to the Taxil Hoax, when it comes to Freemasonry. A
    lie was concocted by Taxil, with the help of the Roman Catholic Church,
    which said that the secular fraternity of Freemasonry worshiped Satan. All
    one has to do, is do a search for Leo Taxil, or the Taxil Hoax, either on
    Google or Wikipedia, for their eyes to be opened to fact.

  7. linda s. می‌گوید:

    I feel really bad for all you unbelievers. if you don’t get to know God in
    a personal way you could be fooled by the evil untruthful spirits running
    the world today. God reveals Himself everyday in everything around us. Read
    the Bible get to know the first one to love you .He gave Hid life, was beat
    so bad you would not be able to know who he was. He paid our debt of sin.
    if you don’t accept this great gift you will spend eternity paying that
    debt yourself in a burning lake of fire,no matter how else you live your
    life it will not be good enough to pay that debt. only Jesus could pay
    it,and he did.get to know Him.

  8. amyalewine می‌گوید:

    How is anyone going to know Jesus? It has been told in the bible never
    trust anyone who comes in the name of Jesus. If Satan is the best liar then
    how can anyone say he didn’t write the entire story in the Bible of Jesus
    the morning start and Lucifer the star of the Morning? Sound like God wants
    everyone tricked if we have to find the right Jesus or is this Satan’s way
    of deception. Anyone who calls themselves Jesus is to be dismissed for the
    antichrist just as the Bible instructs. Peace

  9. Joe Place می‌گوید:

    Disinformation video, BEWARE. The age of Pisces is the age of CONTROL and
    domination in theology, look at the world, control and domination all over.
    The age of Aquarius is an age of peace and harmony, it is also the start of
    a new Epoch. This video is nothing more than Christian propaganda to put
    fear into people.

  10. david harrington می‌گوید:

    Jesus was born the son of God but someone said he wasn’t until he was went
    under the water by John and a dove came but that’s not true , Jesus was
    already with God but had to be sent and was conceived by a virgin by the
    holy spirit so he wasn’t born into the sin Adam did so he was always the
    son of of God and it didn’t take water to make him that. God said this is
    my son in who I am well pleased right after John did that. You are the
    church and not a building but people believe that if u don’t go u can’t be
    a believer but I know that the churches have been took over by Satan and he
    has always wanted that power to take control of it. The person that said
    the ones that go to church now are the ones that are the biggest judges and
    he is right, look at what Satan has offered the preachers in return for
    preaching lies. I know most people go to church now only go because it
    makes them feel good and whoever dreamed u could be rich becoming a
    preacher , who gets rich from Gods word? Nobody because if it was God in it
    they would never have millions of people following them. Satan can give
    power to these so called men of God and if u see one that lives like a king
    and has 3 homes and living better than his sheep then something is wrong.
    Jesus said u would know them and they were meant to serve God and help his
    people but they don’t help nobody but their self’s and I know if Satan said
    Jesus I will give u everything he can give it to a preacher and if they
    accept this then watch and see he will be famous and even say things God
    says are wrong but he will say no God changed now and he want harm anyone
    if u just say u believe. Brothers and sisters believe me that he is running
    the churches now and only wants the ones he can make so big and tell u lies
    and get it out all over the world. If I was the god of this world that
    would be my goal and he has done it but when u see it start finding away to
    teach and tell your kids the truth and u don’t need nothing but the word
    and God can help u because he knows this is the case and u have to get out
    of something that u know ant Gods no more , u will know and u will hear the
    lies and nobody says hang on stop, where did u read this from and if he
    says well God hasn’t showed u then it is time to say to yourself , what am
    I doing and u may not believe a word of this but Satan has made the
    churches his and money is all it took to win and those preachers are very
    good but who do u think gives them this power to say to yourself, this man
    is so great and he has something like no other but I say that u pray and
    ask God to show u and never take a mans word like me , just ask God to show
    u and if u want to really know he want hide it from u, please pray and God
    bless Gods people and pray for all none believers and that they come to
    know Jesus as the son of God because I believe it is close but it could be
    another 1000 years but Jesus will come and glory be to God forever and ever

  11. DarkStarAZ می‌گوید:

    I’ve seen Benjamin Crème lecture a half a dozen times and can honestly say
    I never saw his head spin around Linda Blair style. Can anyone provide a
    link where he does that? That being said I’ve read some of Constance’s
    books and enjoyed them. As far as Gorbachev goes, I think its less a matter
    of Gorbie being taken in by the Maitreya than it is a matter of Crème
    foisting socialism through his movement, so the two messages tend to sound
    Have more ppl died in the name of X-Stianity or the NA?
    Those Bible Code movies with Mark York are great. Checke’m out!
    Enjoyed the video, nothing about Enoch though, LOL.

  12. Freedom From Abuse می‌گوید:

    Bunch of crap! Jesus was great and taught great things but there were
    originally so many versions of his life util what was to be the early
    Catholic church under the order of the Roman emperor Constantine put
    together the books into the bible that we have today. The truth is that the
    majority of the books that were originally there were rejected. They
    varied with different versions of Jesus life. WHAT WE NEED IS A UNITED
    WORLD!!!. Did Jesus really mean for so much hate and war to be caused by
    interpretations of his teachings. Today there are around 33,000 different
    Christian sects who all think that theirs is the right one. My own
    experience has taught me that there are two kinds of people that I do not
    trust. One is a person with a crack pipe in their hand and the other is a
    person with a bible in their hand. Although there has been a few
    outstanding examples from the churches, a great deal has made church appear
    as a supremacist group and not a spiritual program. At least the crack
    addict is more compassionate and does not push others away from the
    spiritual principal concept who need it. 

  13. Eb Funk می‌گوید:

    The false Apostle Paul is revealed in Daniel, The Book of Revelation, and
    The Clementine Homilies. His own words convey that he has tricked us into
    following Pauline doctrine. After Antiochus Epiphanes IV, he is the 2nd
    Anti-Messiah. Do your research and be blessed.

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