I did the Taylor Swift Book Tag! (I recommend playing her album in the background while you watch this video.) Get a free audio book! http://www.audibletrial.com/katytastic VLOG CHANNEL…

۱۲ Flights. 2 weeks. 5 cities. Thousands of Hugs/Kisses. NON-STOP Thank you sooooooooo much for coming out beautifuls! So many wonderful memories were made. I will never forget them. Luh you…
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48 دیدگاه در “TAYLOR SWIFT BOOK TAG!

  1. priceiswong می‌گوید:

    “I’m just going to shake you off.. and then… kill you.. NO! THAT’S A
    LITTLE EXTREME! I’m just going to shake you off…” – that part made me
    laugh out loud. haha

    I always love your tag videos! And I ESPECIALLY love this one because, well
    duh, I mean it’s about my BFF Taylor (she just doesn’t know we are BFFs..
    ya that sounds creepy…) haha anyways great tag! I plan on doing this one
    next week :)

  2. tangerpan می‌گوید:

    Tbh I used to not be a fan of your work, but your success story is truly
    inspiring and I can’t help but respect and admire the hard work you put
    into becoming who you are today. I hope many more people are inspired to
    blaze their own path to success and keep true to themselves.

  3. Bunny Chan می‌گوید:

    I really Hate seeing the Hate Comments are Just Jealous Because she did A
    HUGE Success in her Life That she did in whole life Em. Her Book. YouTube.
    If you watch her Draw my life she been tho a lot to reach her dreams i mean
    a lot to get this close to her dreams most of us right now are just envy
    that we can’t come that far our dreams these days witch you can.Michelle
    inspires me so much with makeup drawing etc and i want to get her book and
    Makeup but i can’t but she help me with my makeup and tips and tricks !
    Guys I think we give her need give around of applause for reaching her
    dreams meeting her fans! She not might upload makeup videos anymore but She
    trys to keeps us connected so much. < ۳ ~ Cheyenne :) 

  4. GUYMakeup می‌گوید:

    I’m a guy. But my life truly changed ever since I discovered Michelle about
    ۲ years ago. I’ve watched her videos non-stop everyday and I feel like
    these makeup/life guide videos have made me realize who I am and what I
    truly feel passionate about.
    This book made me take even further on my journey. SO GUYS! If I can have a
    chance, please take a peek of my videos! I was totally inspired by Michelle
    and her book and I’m going to chase after my dream of becoming someone like
    Michelle! :D

  5. Melanie Murphy می‌گوید:

    SO exciting, girl! This happened right after our Dublin collab, right!? You
    are amazing to travel so much and still get content up! <۳ Delighted with how the video turned out on +FAWN and I’ve ordered your book…sooo much Mich love going on up in hereee! 

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