The Book of Luke (KJV)

Joe, Steve, and Phil talk about the books they’d write, and the cartoon characters they idolized as kids. watch some shows with Hulu Plus!:…
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  1. Reel Studios می‌گوید:

    If you can’t tell, I’m very happy to see Philip DeFranco back on Table
    P.S I love you,, guys
    P.P.S In a totally straight way though…
    P.P.P.S Alright maybe not totally straight..
    P.P.P.P.S What does P.S even mean?
    P.P.P.P.P.S I could Google that
    P.P.P.P.P.P.S Ah, fuck it. 

  2. KatelynJustSayin می‌گوید:

    Avatar the last Airbender is the only show that I can list by season,
    episode and episode title. But that’s mostly due to the fact that I’m
    overly obsessed with A:TLA and have seen every episode at least 10 times

  3. smokinone951 می‌گوید:

    no steve, no. in pump up the volume, hes against the education system and
    his dad or step dad works for the board of education. cuz the school is
    expelling student that dont fit in to their idea of a perfect student,
    something about keeping test scores up or some shit, and harry hard on,
    slaters character inspires student to take a stand. cmon how u gonna get
    mad at joe when you cant even remember the plot??

  4. Bri Koala می‌گوید:

    Wait so that beer story is so weird cause is this just a thing that middle
    aged ladies do? because I work at a grocery store and I have to bring the
    carts inside, and i saw someone had left some soda in their cart so i was
    gonna bring it in. i had to grab one more cart, and i turned around and
    this 40 something woman was just sticking it in her car. Thing is, since i
    work there im not allowed to confront people, only managers are allowed to
    do that, but she SAW me see her. we made eye contact for like 5 seconds!
    but then she just got in her car and drove away. who fucking does that? and
    then right after she drove away a guy came up and asked if i had seen some
    of whatever brand soda and i just had to be like “uh your not gonna believe
    this but i just saw some lady steal your soda”

  5. Tom Bom می‌گوید:

    Here in Canada if you yell out “NATIVE” anything you’re askin for a but
    whoopin from a bunch of brown angry men. Hell, even the kids can kick your
    ass. They’re really uppity about the whole white man on land that was once
    theirs thing and tolerate us out of the kindness of their hearts. But if
    you step out of line racially, they will gang up on you and take you to
    places you wish you had never been.
    .. example the hospital. I say this as a white dude who was been on a
    reserve alone, and let me tell you that you are not seen kindly by a lot of
    people, ESPECIALLY when they drink. Then no matter what you do you’re
    screwed. You’re guilty just by being there.

  6. darokero می‌گوید:

    When the anime, Bleach, began airing on adult swim more than a few years
    back, it used to be shown at real early hours in the morning, and at my age
    at the time, my mother didn’t take too well to me staying up late cause of
    school and such, so I had to use our old VCR (mind you, I didn’t own my
    first computer until I practically graduated from high school) and program
    it so it could record the new Bleach episode, and I would enjoy watching
    the episode in the morning.
    There were times when the electricity would go out, and it would mess up
    the VCR’s set time to record the show. Those were some sad mornings. But
    I’ve got the first couple hundred episodes, until the started that crappy
    vampire shtick, and I pretty much dropped the series.

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