Three DIY Notebooks ft Burn Book & Paper Towns | Back to School 2014

Learn how to make three DIY notebooks featuring a DIY Burn Book! ♡ Summer Nighttime Routine If you make this DIY …
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 دیدگاه در “Three DIY Notebooks ft Burn Book & Paper Towns | Back to School 2014

  1. SMFortissimo می‌گوید:

    I think it’d also be cool if you made a burn book themed notebook, but
    instead of Burn Book you could spell your name or the name of the subject
    using letters cut out of a magazine. I think that would be really fun.

  2. libertine40 می‌گوید:

    What Christians and others who dogmatically follow religious doctrine don’t
    understand is that Yeshua studied in India and Tibet during the time before
    he returned to his ‘homeland’. There is plenty of documentation, artifacts
    and vocal tradition to support this. The essence of Yesua’s teachings are
    exactly the same as Buddhism, Islam and indigenous cosmologies. Separation
    is antithetical to Creator and Yeshua’s teachings. If we claim to support
    the traditions of Yeshua, Muhammad, Allah, or whatever name one’s culture
    uses, one must embrace the One-ness of all things. Anything less will shut
    down our Hearts: the main corridor to Creator and Enlightenment.

    As far as Death is concerned, scientists have been studying it seriously
    for the past 30 years. The advances in technology has enabled them to make
    some new and fascinating discoveries. They have found that the brain still
    emits electromagnetic energy for up to seven days after Death. This jives
    with the First Bardo (lasts 7 days) or ‘stage’ of Death where the person
    can still perceive events taking place around them. And as he/she goes
    through the Heart, Peaceful visions and deities emerge; followed by
    Malevolent ones as he/she moves through the brain, as it leaves the body.
    This is why Buddhists cremate the bodies. So that the person is completely
    released from the old ‘cloth’. There are 7 Bardos in total ( or 49 days –
    notice the number is a multiple of 7!). Yet this film compressed the
    experience, which is understandable, due to time constraint. It would take
    a 3 or 4 hour documentary to explore all of them in detail.

    I’m sure folks will be incredulous regarding this yet the only thing I can
    suggest is check into the Science of Death for yourself. then compare the
    scientific aspects of Death with the Bardos, to verify it before you debunk
    or dismiss it out of hand. . Especially if you have adopted a Spiritual
    practice. It will enrich your understanding and knowledge of this very
    special and crucial Life Transition called Dying.

  3. Yohan Yishai می‌گوید:

    Saying that the souls attaining Buddha hood coming back to earth again and
    again by the process of re-birth to liberate their fellows makes them look
    kind and generous. But this is VAIN DECORATION of the mortals to glorify
    and give them higher status in society, licensing them to lie to the rest.
    If they are at all reborn in this manner, they have to struggle and
    overcome the same problems again. There are much risks involved in the
    process and the sane person that made it his target will not forfeit what
    was gained in previous incarnation.

    But the fact remains that such will never make up their minds to subject
    themselves to the truth, the Son of God following His commandments and
    walking on His ways. They appear and re-appear as agents of Mara to deceive
    and mislead more and more souls to perdition through wrong teachings. As
    such, they come back to damn and ruin more souls through the path of false
    religion. Period.

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