Zoella Tells Us About Her New Book ‘Girl Online’

Zoella Tells Us About Her New Book ‘Girl Online’

Zoe Suggs (AKA Zoella) tells us all about her first novel – Girl Online – and her delight at receiving the chance to write her own novel following her success as a Youtube star. —————…
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  1. Sara B می‌گوید:

    All the 12 year old fan girls are pathetic. “She came up with the
    characters and plot but someone else just wrote it” haha anyone can come up
    with characters & a story, hell I used to do that when I was 5. The talent
    converting these thoughts into words, capturing feelings and portraying
    emotions to the audience.

  2. Becky می‌گوید:

    The characters and story line were made by zoe. I will say that zoe didn’t
    completely write it herself but she only got help from penguin even the
    publishers said that. All of you saying “she can’t tell us anymore because
    she hasn’t finished reading it” she can’t tell us anymore because there’s a
    big plot twist halfway through so stop hating on Zoe I went to the signing
    and she honestly look so proud and happy so please stop hating on her. 

  3. lets all sing می‌گوید:

    This hurts me so much.I have been subscribed to her since the very start.I
    gave her my love and trust.I supported her.I bought her products and this
    is the shit she gives back to us.6 MILLION PEOPLE!She lied.Her products are
    horrible and are bad for us.Her book was ghostwritten.I don’t think I can
    trust her anymore.

  4. Sarah Walker می‌گوید:

    I didn’t even feel that it handled anxiety very well at all. That “list” in
    the book talking about selfies and chocolate is not real anxiety and is
    giving off a negative vibe to young, impressionable tweens. And I for one,
    was insulted by this list as I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. I
    expected more from Zoella knowing that she is Digital Ambassador for the
    mental health charity “Mind.”

  5. Amyy Preece می‌گوید:

    I honestly think of this as fraud. Zoe has a brand, a platform and a
    fanbase which consists of mainly young, impressionable young girls. She’s
    telling them about this wonderful book that she’s created and written with
    her viewers in mind, telling them that they should buy it and support her
    in doing so. Basically implying that buying her book will make them better
    fans, or something. All these people have spent their own money on the book
    she’s claimed to write herself and then she turns around and comes out
    saying she didn’t write it. Now I’m 13, young and using the internet on a
    daily bases- some would say her typical fan. I watched the video about her
    book and I was excited and happy for her seeing that her career was
    becoming even more successful. I wanted to read it and support someone I
    looked up to and enjoyed watching, so I bought it. I was half way through,
    thinking it was terribly written, and then she posted a tweet saying that
    she’d “had help from Penguins’ editorial team”. However I wasn’t relieved
    that she hadn’t written the poor excuse for a novel, I was angry and
    disappointed that she’d wrongly influenced her fans. It’s extremely
    irresponsible on her part. I can say I’m no longer a “fan”..

  6. Domziie StylesIrwin می‌گوید:

    It’s not the ghostwriting I have a problem with, it’s the facts that she
    didn’t to anyone that she didn’t write it. Normally if someone says “I put
    my heart and soul into this book” you would assume that they wrote it
    themselves, but it was misleading and I was sad to have to find out about
    the ghostwriting through the news, and not from her herself.

  7. Wiktoria Maniak می‌گوید:

    This pisses me off sooo much. You guys don’t know what happens behind the
    scenes/camera and the internet. You know nothing. So why are you guys
    saying it was ghostwritten if you don’t know what actually happened and if
    it was ghostwritten or not. Just stop with all the hate. Do you know if it
    was ghostwritten? Do you know if she just sat there and did nothing? Do you
    know anything about how the book was written? Do you know what happens
    behind the camera? No. Yh it’s true that she didn’t say “Oh I’m now of to
    write my book” in her vlogs but maybe she wanted it to be a surprise or she
    didn’t want to tell us to be a secret. Dunno. You can also see in her vlogs
    that she went on meetings about her book. She also says that shes very busy
    and it might be because she writing the book, going on meeting about her
    book etc. So just stop with the hate. Stop critisiising her. Stop judging
    her. Because you don’t know nothing about the book. You don’t know what
    happens behind the camera. Just stop.

  8. The BookBitch می‌گوید:

    Zoe didn’t write any of the book. Yeah, she came up with the ideas of the
    characters and specific parts that happens in the novel, but the whole
    thing was written by Shiobvan Curham. In 6 weeks should I say.

    And there’s no point in arguing with me (Yeah, I’m talking to all the
    up-Zoe’s-arse followers) because I have a lot more knowledge of the
    literary and publishing world than y’all do. If she was a “big writer” as a
    child, then she’d have zero problem writing the book.

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